Board of Director Meetings

  • Prepare Meeting Agenda – posted in accordance with current civil code or distributed per Board direction
  • Secure Meeting Location
  • Prepare and Distribute Board of Director’s Agenda Package
  • Provide MTD and YTD Financial Statements, Bank Statements & Reconciliations
  • Meeting Attendance
  • Take and Prepare Meeting Minutes
  • Coordinate Guest Speakers or Professional Consultants, as requested by Board

Annual Association Meeting of Members / Election

  • Prepare and Mail Board candidate solicitation
  • Prepare Notice of Meeting, Agenda, Ballot, and Supporting Documentation
  • Secure Meeting Location
  • Solicit and / or Secure the Inspector of Election
  • Coordinate Guest Speakers or Professional Consultants, as requested by Board
  • Coordinate with the Inspector of Election / Counting the Ballots / Election Results and Member Notification within the allowable time frame
  • Take and Prepare Minutes

Member Violations / Property Maintenance Contracts

  • Violation Notices to Members, as directed by the Board or Responsible Committee
  • Violation Hearing Notices to Members and Attendance at Hearing
  • Coordination and Attendance at Internal Dispute Resolution Meetings with Members
  • Violation Fine Assessment per hearing results and fine schedule
  • Procure Vendors for Maintenance Contracts, recurring services and one-time services as needed – at Board Discretion and Approval
  • Ensure all Association vendors have the proper insurance on file
  • Maintain communications with vendors on all service expectations
  • On-site Inspections as contracted for by the Board
  • Provide after-hours on call emergency services

Fiscal Management

  • Annual Payment Coupon Distribution to Members
  • Process Daily Payments as reported by the Association’s Bank and on-line payment reporting
  • Enforce Delinquency / Collection Policy – Track Delinquencies and work with the Association’s attorney on Intent to Lien Notices and Lien Filings
  • Prepare and Mail Courtesy Delinquency Statements to members
  • Monitor Payables / Approve and Pay
  • Provide Financial reports to the Board of Directors
  • Annual Financial Report / Tax Return Assistance with the Association’s CPA
  • Annual Corporation Report Filings with the Secretary of State
  • Annual Vendor 1099 Filings
  • Annual Budget Preparation
  • Coordination of Reserve Study Analysis with Professional Consultant
  • Monitor Reserve Funds Activity
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliation of all Association Bank Accounts

Board of Director / Member Communications

  • Distribution of Welcome Packet to New Members and new member orientation as needed
  • Receive General Correspondence and calls regarding Assessments, Maintenance, Governing Documents and general HOA business
  • Prompt and Courteous Response to Directors and Member Questions
  • Refer the Board to Other Professional Consultants as Needed
  • Ensure compliance with applicable civil code disclosure requirements to members
  • Maintain Proper Records and Files

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