Frequently Asked Questions


Our focus is to preserve the value of your Community and thus, your investment. Every community is unique; therefore, the approach to managing each community should be unique. Our experience tells us this and, with that knowledge, we have the ability to be flexible with our management services.In short, we believe that a professional management company should be an extension of the community, while instilling trust between the Board of Directors, the members and the management team toreassure members that their concerns are being heard and their issues are being addressed.

What is the Apex Management Group’s Background?

We have a combined experience of over fifty (50) years in the community management industry with several different types of Associations. Our experience includes original community development, dept of real estate budgeting and public reports, and governing document preparation. This knowledge has allowed us to successfully transition from the original vision to seeing a successful community develop and grow into healthy thriving communities. We are experienced professional Real Estate Managers and have over two decades of management experience. We have been HOA members, have held positions as Board Members, and have served as original Declarant representatives. This is what makes us unique. Whether your community is in the early stages of development with Declarant Board representation or it is built out, we can meet your needs.

Where is your accounting done?

With the exception of receivables processing, the accounting functions for each community are processed internally. You can rest assured that the same local individuals who are managing your account are reviewing each invoice and processing each transaction to ensure accuracy. Our CPA consultants are a phone call away to address any issues that may require a professional opinion.

Who do I contact if I have a question or concern?

Every incoming phone call, email, fax or letter is received personally by a local Apex employee. All communications are addressed within 24 hours, but our goal is to respond the same business day, if possible. We do not believe in outsourcing these functions to personnel who are unfamiliar with your community and your circumstances.

Who will handle our HOA?

The Apex Management Group is locally founded, owned and operated. We have a vested interest in serving your needs and will put forth our best efforts at all times to ensure those needs are being met. This is our company, we take our roles seriously and we would be proud to be a partner with your community as your professional management company.

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